Autumn Sky Goldens


Thank you for your inquiry on our upcoming/ present litter. Every puppy is unique in personality, looks and energy level. We believe there is a perfect home out there for every puppy. After spending eight weeks with our pups we are confident that we have a good feel for the personality and temperament of each of our puppies at the time they are ready to go home. Placing the right puppy in the right home is very important to us .Please assist us in selecting the right puppy for you and your family by filling out this questionnaire and returning it to us. Please feel free to check in with us on puppy status or to ask questions at any time.

Your Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Home Phone: _________________________Cell Phone: ____________________

E-Mail address: ___________________________________________________

Do you send and receive text messages? _________________________

Are you on Facebook? _____________________

Would you like Facebook Updates with photos of the puppies? ____________________

Occupation: _____________________________________________________

How did you get referred to us? _________________________________________

Why have you decided to purchase a Golden Retriever? _________________________

Would you prefer a male or female? _________________________________________

Why? __________________________________________________________________

If the sex you prefer is not available, will you accept a puppy of the opposite sex? ______


For what purpose are you purchasing your new dog? (circle all that apply)

Pet     Conformation     Obedience     Field     Agility     Therapy Work     Breeding

How many family members in your home? _____________________________________

How many children? _______ What Ages? ________________________________

Do any family members have allergies to dogs?     YES           NO

Do any family members have a fear of dogs?           YES           NO

Will this be your first dog           YES         NO

Have you owned a Golden before?         YES       NO

Do you currently own a dog or dogs? _____________________________________

Does your home have a fenced in yard?           YES           NO

What type of fence do you have? ________________________________________

If you do not have a fence how will you contain the dog on your property? ____________


Are you committed to crate training your new puppy? __________________________     

 Where will your Golden be during the day? _____________________________________

Where will your Golden be at night? ______________________________________

Who will be responsible for training the new puppy? __________________________

Will you take your puppy to a formal training class?       YES       NO

Where? _________________________________________________________

Which veterinarian will be caring for your new puppy? Please provide their name and phone.



Thank you for taking out the time to complete our questionnaire.

Please return it to:

Amy Harmon

641 Center Road           

New Franklin, Ohio 44319

330 807-3860


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.